Title Loans in Dunedin, FL

A New Horizon With Dunedin Title Loans

It’s pretty standard that every adult will, at some point in their lives, experience a touch of poverty. You might find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, living off 28-cent ramen cups and walking to work in the rain. Eventually, you’re bound to have an extraneous expense crop up, and when that day comes, you might not have the means of affording it.

Most would turn to friends and family for help, but there’s a sad truth to this concept: Not all of us have such a commodity within reach. These are the crossroads where you would seek help through title loans Tampa and Dunedin, the most efficient lending service for those who need a leg-up on their expenses. With zero credit checks, same-day deposits and loan sums averaging in the thousands, you’ll keep the roof over your head and your tires on the road.

Title loans function by temporarily claiming your auto title as collateral against the loan money. After all dues have been relieved, you’ll receive your title in its original condition. You may still use your vehicle during this time.

Applying Online For Title Loans Dunedin

Not all loan applications are what you’d call “simple”. Some of them are presented as “fast”, “easy”, “convenient” — and that’s right before slapping you with a three-page investigation into your showering habits and how you look at your food before eating it. We don’t waste your time on the irrelevant stuff — our online application for title loans in Dunedin consists of the following:

  • Got a phone number? We’ll call it shortly after receiving your application!
  • Got a name? We’ll need it when we contact you!
  • Got a title? We’ll need the make, style, model and mileage of the motor vehicle that it’s bound to.

When the representative reaches out to you, they’ll need to collect information about your financial situation in order to create an auto loan that suits your needs. During this time, feel free to ask any questions you may have, as we want you to be comfortable with your decision to utilize our services. Once you’re ready to move forward with us, we’ll just need to see proof of your income and identity to confirm your likeness.

While it’s recommended that you furnish us with a title that has no liens against it, it’s still possible in some cases to accept it under reduced loan terms. In addition, the evidence of your income should reflect a financial situation that will stabilize in the coming weeks. In some cases, we can still create loans for clients who are collecting government assistance for their income.

Legal Implications

In the state of Florida, there are a couple laws that protect clients from lending malpractice when taking out title loans in Dunedin. Consider the following for your peace of mind:

1. Usury
It’s illegal for any title-based lending company to issue a loan on an APR that exceeds 10%. There are zero exceptions to this law.

2. Licensing
All representatives who collect and handle your personal information must be legally allowed to do so. This involves a lengthy study and certification process, so not just anyone can man our desks.

3. Malicious Terms
All lenders are expected to collect sufficient information about the client’s financial position to determine the amount of loan money that can be carried out and repaid in timely fashion.

Summary of Benefits

While there are other short-term loans to consider, title loans in Dunedin offer the finest balance of quickness, flexibility and convenience. By keeping APRs under 10%, loan sums in the thousands and refinancing options available, we make it easy to get you back on your feet once more. Best of all, your eligibility isn’t contingent upon your credit score, so there’s no pressure.