NextEra Transforms Florida With Solar And Wind Energy Plans

Florida has been gaining a lot of attention recently, mainly because of the emergence of new alternative forms of energy production. The state is one of the biggest operators with regards to wind and solar farms and is consistantly on the rise when it comes to the implementation of this renewable source of energy. The state is receiving a lot of positive recognition for this move, and the contribution that they are making towards a greener planet.

There is an extreme need for implementing a good plan of action to be able to tackle the energy problems that are being faced by the planet. The energy sources that are currently being used are limited in quantity and are running out at a faster pace than what was expected. If the manner in which energy is being consumed continues presently, then the future generations would be incredibly strong on the resources that they can use. Because of this, there has been a dire need to improve the manner in which energy is created through the use of alternative resources that won’t harm the environment, and at the same time, will help to conserve the non-renewable sources of energy that we currently have on the planet.
When it comes to Florida, the state has gone the extra mile to push for projects that are working to implement renewable sources of energy creation on a large basis. One company that decided to take up these large-scale projects was NextEra Energy. The company knew that the state was looking for corporations that were willing to take up these environmental friendly projects, and decided that they could be the ones to help the state achieve the goal that they had set down. The company was able to seek the help of the government and also received a number of tax subsidies to help them work towards better large-scale development.

One of the first courses of action that the company decided to take on was the construction of large-scale wind and solar panels around the city. Florida has the perfect weather to be able to produce these two kinds of energy on a large scale, which is why they could be used in coordination with each other. The people living in Florida too who had heard of these plans for conversion decided to readily accept it, thereby giving the company the motivation that they needed to see this plan through properly. Getting the customers first before installing the solar and wind panels was something that NextEra decided to wait for after witnessing the fall that SunEdison Inc decided to take on. The company had also wanted to implement a plan that was similar to that of NextEra but was on some level, not executed in the right fashion. The company thereon had to stop their progress as a result of the poor response that they got from the people in the state that they were set to implement their panel in.

The reason NextEra was able to implement so many affirmative plans for development was that the panel of advisors that they had on board. The company had many notable people on board who are well versed in the field of renewable energy and business as well. This helped the company formulate plans that would work efficiently, and also for the benefit of the state.

Because of the development that the company has been seeing and the plans of action that they have been implementing, NextEra is now being regarded as one of America’s most valuable power companies. The company has a total capitalization of over $74 billion and is consistantly growing at a rapid pace. The company had come a long way since its initial days when it went by the name of Florida Power and Light. Back in 3001, the company stood in the top 25 among the top power companies in the country. NextEra has always been a company that wanted to implement big plans that would transform the energy industry. However, in 2001, the states weren’t giving as much support to renewable energy companies as they are doing now, which is why it took so many years for the company to evolve into the name that it is today.

An analysis that was conducted of the company shed light on the fact that NextEra is one of the biggest producers of solar and wind energy in the entire world. The company has always followed a set plan of action that was laid down by James Robo and the other notable executives working at the company. Because the executives working at the company have remained unchanged for so many years, the course of development that the company has been experiencing has also been gradually improving.

Even though the company is witnessing a positive line of growth, the fact is that there are still multiple challenges that must be taken on when trying to improve the energy situation that the planet is experiencing.